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MIPL - Manohar International Private Limited

We are involved in Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting Paper cups for hot and cold drinks, Tissue Paper Products and Other paper products

MIPL, one of the worlds most trusted brands, is a name with a long history that powers itself into new ventures. This trust extends to a series of products, services and solutions that cover diverse businesses - from consumer care to cutting-edge information technology.

With immense pleasure, we introduce MIPL- Manohar International Pvt. Ltd. renowned name in the market and a one-stop solution for all Disposable and Sanitary Paper Products requirements. The company offers an exclusive range of Disposable Paper products for All type of Hot and Cold Drinks, Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Industry, Cleaning Industry and Toiletries which includes Paper cup, Disposable Paper cup, Coffee Paper cup, Hot Paper cup, Paper cups with Lids, Printed Paper cup, Paper cup with Logo, Ice Cream Paper cup, Paper cup for all type of hot and cold drinks, Tissue Paper, Tissue Paper Roll, Paper Napkins, Kitchen Towel, Disposable Bed sheet roll, Facial Tissue Paper and Other Disposable Paper products


Our Product Range :- 

Disposable Paper cup                Coffee Paper cup                   Tea Paper cup
Hot Paper cup                           Printed Paper cup                  Paper cup with Lids
Juice Paper cup                          Customize Paper  cup           Single Wall Paper cup
Paper cup with Logo                  Ice Cream Paper cup             Paper cup for Drinking shakes 
PE Paper cup                              ITC Paper cup                      Food Grade Paper cup
Cold Drinks Paper cup                Specialty Paper cup               Double Wall Paper cup

Tissue Paper Products                Facial Tissue Paper                Kitchen Paper Towel
Tissue Paper Napkins                 Tissue Paper Roll                   Disposable Bed sheet roll


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Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia
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